Importance of electronic drum in DJ night

DJs fall into a couple of categories.

The first type plays another people’s music and simply tries to mix them, so they sound good when transitioning from one track to the next.

The second type gets far more involved in the music, adds their own additional elements and sometimes produces live or recorded remixes of tracks, or tracks of their own as a musician in their own right. This is particularly true in the case of trance and progressive music where DJs overlap several arenas within their work and turn their DJ session into an event in its own right.

What Electronic Drums Offer a DJ?

Live performances are all about adding dramatic new elements however a DJ wishes to do it. People want to be wowed and to enjoy things that are unexpected. A skillful DJ adds these elements in different ways.

Certainly, with a live mixing deck, a DJ can reduce the music from a track down to a single channel or several channels of music to retain elements of the track while excluding other parts. He or she can then play the electronic drums live for the audience to really dig it as a live performance element. For a live performance in dj night electronic drum set one of the best option and its easily available at .  In fact, the drum track can be removed entirely and replaced with a live version that’s different, enhanced or just plain better. In this way, going fully electronic with the drums can improve what was already there.

Going Digital Helps with Live Mixing and Performance?

With acoustic drum sets, they require a careful setup including one or more microphones to pick up the true sound. The digital XLR microphone then has be plugged into an amplifier. It’s not that easy to capture the acoustic drums sounds and overlay it over an edited track with some channels stripped out already.

With an electronic drum kit, the process is made much easier. Electronic drums output to a laptop or a headset, so the drummer can hear what they are playing as they play it. Their drumming output with modifications (more on this in a second) can go directly to a digital mixer package on an Apple MacBook Pro laptop or a small mixing desk inside the DJ booth. It’s far easier to go completely digital.

Electronic Drum Modifications

Electronic drums are given a musical preset. They are altered to suit the music that they’re being used with. Therefore, it’s possible to give the drums a techno, rock, pop or trance preset to modify the sound. This is not possible with acoustic drums but fits perfectly with the needs of a DJ during a live performance. 

Electronic Drums Means a Small Footprint

Packing up a set of electronic drums and transporting them to a club is much easier than with a full drum kit. They also have a much smaller physical footprint, so it fits into a compact space much better than other acoustic drumming possibilities unless going with a single bongo drum.

Using an electronic drum set is an excellent way for a DJ to up their game. It adds a live performance piece to extend what they can offer with the pure mixing of tracks alone.


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